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Refund Policy

Refund Can be applied in days

  1. Monthly Plans – 7 days
  2. Yearly Plans – 30 days

HostItBro holds the right to cancel or suspend any service at any time. If the cancellation or suspension was made because of the violation of our TOS, no refund would be provided. Refund is only applicable for Managed shared hosting users only incase they cancel services within the 7 days. You can cancel your account or service within 7 days of purchase to get the refund. No refund will be provided for VPS / Dedicated Servers / Clusters / Addons / Licenses / Extra IP.

You may cancel services by sending a support ticket or by using the cancellation form within your client area. If you cancel your account and your payments continue to recur for any reason such as:

1) By fault of HostItBro staff
2) By fault of the credit card processor
3) By fault of any other payment collection company, we are to be held free of liability for any overdraft fees that are issued by your financial institution.
4) All Sales done with promotions are final and are not covered under No Questions Asked Refund Policy. However, a refund will be issued if the mistake is from HostItBro’s end.

Our 7 days refund policy is only applicable to Managed Shared Web hosting plans only. The refund policy is terminated if purchases are made with promotions.

Sales made during Black Friday / Cyber Monday or such events are not applicable for refunds until any mistake was there from our end.

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