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100% Fully Managed by us, so you never have to worry about anything!
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₹1300/per month

₹ 2100


4GB Ram


20TB Bandwith

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₹1300/mo when you renew


₹3100/per month

₹ 4900


8GB Ram


20TB Bandwith

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₹3100/mo when you renew


₹5700/per month

₹ 8900


16GB Ram


20TB Bandwith

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₹5700/mo when you renew

Why Choose Managed Linux SSD
VPS Hosting?

Lots of Managed Linux SSD VPS Hosting
Companies out there Why should you choose us?

Fully Managed VPS

100% Fully Managed by us, so you never have to worry about anything! Let us handle hardware maintenance, software updates, security, and more!

Free Control Panels

We offer multiple control panel options to you. You can choose which control panel according to your needs. Best Fully Managed Vps Hosting In India.

High-performance servers.

Get fast-performing Fully Managed VPS Hosting with SSD servers on OpenStack — and KVM virtualization for total control over hardware resources.

Flexible Operating System

Buy a new VPS with your preferred operating system in just seconds.

Best in the Industry

CentOS Operating System

The CentOS Linux distribution is a stable, predictable, manageable and reproducible platform derived from the sources of Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL). Since March 2004, CentOS Linux has been a community-supported distribution derived from sources freely provided to the public.


CentOS 8

CentOS 7

Best in the Industry

Ubuntu Operating System

Ubuntu is a complete Linux operating system, freely available with both community and professional support. The Ubuntu community is built on the ideas enshrined in the Ubuntu Manifesto: that software should be available free of charge.


Ubuntu 20.04

Ubuntu 18.04

Ubuntu 16.04

Best in the Industry

Debian Operating System

This distribution is made up of a large number of software packages. Each package in the distribution contains executables, scripts, documentation, and configuration information, and has a maintainer who is primarily responsible for keeping the package up-to-date, tracking bug reports, and communicating with the upstream author(s) of the packaged software.


Debian 9

Debian 10

Best in the Industry

Fedora Operating System

Fedora creates an innovative, free, and open source platform for hardware, clouds, and containers that enables software developers and community members to build tailored solutions for their users. Fedora Server is a powerful, flexible operating system that includes the best and latest datacenter technologies. It puts you in control of all your infrastructure and services.


Fedora 32

Ubuntu 18.04

Choose Control Panel

Buy a new VPS with your preferred Control Panel in just seconds.

Operating System Control Panel Pricing

CentOS Web Panel




As Per Your Requirement









As Per Your Requirement






As Per Your Requirement



As Per Your Requirement

Fully Managed VPS Hosting is jam-
packed with services.

(Like, over ₹25,000 worth of services if you bought ‘em separately.)

Professional Server and Application Setup

Setup Your Server

PHP Module Installation

Site Migration

DNS Setup/Configuration

HTTP/2 Server Configuration

PHP Version Upgrade

SSL Installation

Email Client Setup

Package Management

SQL Server Express Install

WordPress Setup

Security and Backup

Advanced performance analysis

Firewall rule configuration

Server hardening

Database backup script

Security audit

Intrusion prevention

Content recovery

Hosting restoration

Email spam review

Malware & blacklist removal

Database only recovery

Setup local backup

Site Optimization

Apache/Nginx/LiteSpeed optimization

.htaccess changes

Custom service repair

PHP configuration changes

Disk space audit

Application support

Database management

Search and replace

MySQL optimization

Connection string repair

Permissions ownership audit

web.config config

Included in all plans

Here are some of the things which you get with all of our plans.

DDoS Protection

HostItBro will safeguard your cloud servers using the latest hardware appliances and sophisticated perimeter security technologies, providing you protection against large-scale DDoS attacks. And all that free of charge.


We host our cloud instances in our own data centers in Nuremberg, Falkenstein (Germany) and Helsinki (Finland). And we operate our data centers in accordance with the strict European data protection regulations.

Same Day Delivery

You will get your server delivered the same day you order. As soon as you make the payment, our team will prepare and optimize the server for you.


With 20 TB of included traffic, you’ll have lots of bandwidth for your projects, regardless of which package you choose.


Intel® Xeon® Gold processors together with speedy NVMe SSDs mean you’ll profit from high-performance hardware.

GDPR Compliant

GDPR compliance for your Cloud. You can create a Data Processing Agreement (DPA) online that will be in accordance with Article 28 of the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation). You can even enter the correct European location for your DPA.

Frequently asked questions

Here are some of the things which you get with all of our plans.

A VPS, also known as a Virtual Private Server, is a powerful web hosting solution for websites requiring dedicated resources such as CPU, RAM Memory, and storage with the flexibility to configure, optimize and to scale hosting for a specific application or a high amount of traffic.

With our Fully Managed VPS Hosting, you never need to worry about server-side issues. You can work on the application side. We handle every server-side hassle for you. Enjoy better side speed, more reliability with our Fully Managed VPS Plans. HostItBro provides fully managed vps hosting solutions for your websites.

No we don’t provide hourly plans to our VPS.

Since this is Managed VPS, you have to choose OS and Control Panel of your choice. Once payment made, it will be activated with your preferred installation instructions within 2-3 working hours.

Yes, You will get root id & password & you will have full control over your VPS.

HostItBro VPS don't come with Money-Back guarantee. We can replace your server for free if you face hardware issues.

Yes, anytime you can upgrade or downgrade your VPS.